Bichon Frise: Hot Spots

“Hot spots” are surface skin infections precipitated when populataions of regular pores and skin bacteria develop and weigh down everyday resistance. They ae typically curcular patches that lose hair, can be swollen, in severe cases can also exude pungent pus, and can be painfully itchy inflicting the dog to scratch, lick, or chew to the factor of self mutilation. Untreated warm spots can unfold and provoke a generally even-tempered canine to growl or nip when touched.
Dogs maximum vulnerable to hot spots are people with heavy coats and histories of hypersensitive reactions, ear infections, fles infestations, iritated anal sacs and grooming issues including hair tangles and mats. The maximum common area for hot spots is the legs, feet, flanks and rump. These localized infections can also appear on the ears, neck, and chest if the canine is usually scratching.
To treat warm spots trim the hair around the sore to prevent similarly unfold of the infection and reveal the rims of the lesion. Wash the location in a mild water-based totally astringent or antiseptic. Thjee are over the counter products to discourage the dog from licking and chewing. The #1 product for most breeders and handlers is referred to as “tea tree spray” or melaluca alternifolia. It is meant to have healing features in addition to discouraging the dg from biting or licking himself because of the horrific flavor.
I additionally use a product called Sulfodene which particularly for decent spots. I even have had good results with this and it may be purchased almost anywhere that sells puppy merchandise. (Department stores, grocery stores, and many others.) If treated early hot spots may additionally disappear in day or two. Sulfodene is a superb early remedy product. Or, medicated powder. Dust the spot several instances a day to dry any moisture and soothe the itch. This can also be purchased over the counter.
Creams and ointments aren’t advocated because they could seal inside the infection and preclude recobery. Although, a prescribed ointment may be vital if the vicinity turns into inflamed. At this stage the hot spot desires to checked bya veternarian for treatament. Some pet proprietors demand a short restoration for the trouble and aren’t tolerent of vets who require go back visits. Some vets will give you that quick restoration via prescribing steroids for allergic reactions. This quick restoration is known as “Prednisone”. However, you’re putting your Bichon up for critical troubles later in life in case you try this time and again. If you operate the Prednisone do so sparingly. Once or two times a month throughout hypersensitivity season accompanied by using antihitamines.
A steroid given over and over can affect the balance of cortisol within the dog resulting in a condition known as “Cushings Syndrome”.
From “Bichon Frise: A Guide To Love And Care”

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